Life · Love

The Life Inside Me

If nothing mattered 
(money, job, time,etc) 
I would...

Travel the world 
Go to Europe
Go to Colombia
Live in another country 
for a short time
Learn another language 
Spanish? Italian? more Arabic?

Dance. Ballroom. Tango. Salsa. Waltz
Enter a dance competition
Fall in Love. 

Play beach volleyball twice a month
Model beautiful, luxurious, high-end gowns
Ride an Elephant 
Pet a Bear, Lion, and Tiger
Do the thousand steps
Go on a road trip
See the floating Lights
See Niagara Falls
Be in the path of totality 
and witness the total Lunar Eclipse

Write. Create. 
Start a Business
Master my craft 
Make an Impact
Master yoga poses. Headstand. Crow. 

Live a life filled with passion
Provide for my parents so they can 
relax and enjoy life together 
Enjoy my family and friends
Be present in the present 

Discover Life's Mysteries
Be a part of Life's Magical Moments

This is a start. 
The life inside me.

Vulnerable Soul

Longing for another soul that matches yours, then

Overthinking the soulful encounters wondering if this is the soul longed for, yet unwilling to become and embrace

Vulnerability, the truest form of one’s self . Longing and Overthinking minus vulnerability leaves you with

Encounters waiting to be lived out