Life · Love

The Life Inside Me

If nothing mattered 
(money, job, time,etc) 
I would...

Travel the world 
Go to Europe
Go to Colombia
Live in another country 
for a short time
Learn another language 
Spanish? Italian? more Arabic?

Dance. Ballroom. Tango. Salsa. Waltz
Enter a dance competition
Fall in Love. 

Play beach volleyball twice a month
Model beautiful, luxurious, high-end gowns
Ride an Elephant 
Pet a Bear, Lion, and Tiger
Do the thousand steps
Go on a road trip
See the floating Lights
See Niagara Falls
Be in the path of totality 
and witness the total Lunar Eclipse

Write. Create. 
Start a Business
Master my craft 
Make an Impact
Master yoga poses. Headstand. Crow. 

Live a life filled with passion
Provide for my parents so they can 
relax and enjoy life together 
Enjoy my family and friends
Be present in the present 

Discover Life's Mysteries
Be a part of Life's Magical Moments

This is a start. 
The life inside me.

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