What If?

  • What if I fail?
  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • What if I don’t find it?
  • What if I end up alone, miserable, unemployed?
  • What if they find out?
  • What if? What if? What if?
  • STOP with the “What if?”! The “What If?” is an illusion.
  • It does not exist.
  • It is meant to aide in planning and preparing for decision making.
  • Analyze, Act, and Adjust.
  • The “What if?” is beneficial only when we ACT!
  • However, we end up doing the exact opposite and remain idle. We become paralyzed with fear during the analytical process. Afraid of the negative possibilities. Thinking if we spend more time in the analytical process the answer will come in crystal clear.
  • The reality is you won’t know the answer until you Act. Learn the lessons, Adjust, and repeat.
  • Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, with uncertainty. The quicker you embrace this, the more you can enjoy life and learn its lessons. Be comfortable with making “huge” “life-changing mistakes”. My friends, that is what you call life. How many movies and tv shows have you seen where the characters make all the “right decisions” with no mistakes? How many successful people do you know made no “huge” ” life changing mistakes”? Exactly! That’s because it does not exist. Decisions are analyzed, then they are acted on then they are adjusted. These are the Lessons learned. the more you learn the more confident you will become in making decisions.
  • What if you analyze forever? What if you Act and discover what awaits you?

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